What is TRP3 ?

Advertising is a medium which caters every age group be it a child, adult and every gender too. It is a cyclic activity to advertise a product, reveal its use and publicize amongst everyone where it is liked and hated at the same time. Sometimes it comes out really right and sometimes it gets really wrong. It is very rare that it actually hits the bull’s eye.

There are many powerful and popular advisement channels TV, Fm Radio, Magazines, Hoardings, Newspapers, pamphlets and digital media. Big business empires can afford to push the ads through these channels and make sure public recall their product or service, but not all entrepreneurs can afford. However, the big companies need to provision huge budgets and lots of planning to push the ads into market. These marketing charges skyrockets the price of the product or service.

To remove all the unwanted disparities in advertising world, we at www.trp3.com are revolutionizing this powerful media making the straight entrance in the society. With TRP3 the small businesses with great products can survive along with the big businesses and all this happens with us without any distraction.

These advertisements pop-up at any time anywhere irrespective one is ready to receive the ad. Over and above these are one sided and non-interactive. One cannot find the ad or details when it is required. It’s a exercise to find the details or contact of the ad when it is required.

TRP3 means - Right time, Right place, Right People and Participative. We can make advertisements successful because our potential customers can take the content of advertisements. TRP3 addresses such scenarios going to revolutionize the whole advertising world.

We are budding entrepreneurs who want to make the world flat and affordable to everyone. This is not because of any socialism philosophy, but make it easy to everyone, reachable, bring out awareness, flourish and be successful.