What is TRP3 ?

Does anyone know about the Advertisement? Everyone knows about Advertisement. Child to Adult, male / female, literate / illiterate, good, bad, everyone in the society, cautiously or incautiously encounter and influence with advertisement. Advertisement is a continuous activity, it goes on and on, until the universe exists. People equally hate and admire it. Why? The World is connected through advertisement and one of the key components for any business success. But the advertisement is completely blind and insensitive to people. It’s everywhere, pop-up and flashes irrespective advertisement is relevant to that community / individual / the proper time. Its in print / electronic / digital / hoardings and many more. Of course, sometimes hits bull eye too, reaches to all potential customers.

Pushing an Ad into society is not that straight… It’s hell a lot of big process. IT requires a lot of planning, budgeting, timing, seasonal, availability, communication, content preparation and the most is cut throat competition.

There are many disparities in the advertisement world as well, no exception. The big business with deep pockets spend crores of rupees in advertisements to push their sales and small business houses with superior (sometimes) product / service suffer to advertise with limited marketing budgets. And again, the budget defines the prime time/ prime slots, priorities and so on.

We at TRP3.com is going to revolutionize the Advertisement World. Yup, that’s true!! Anyone can post the advertisement at any time on click of a button. It’s for everyone, its local and all over Hyderabad and soon all over India. It’s for big or small or individual business. The beauty is affordable. The big thing is, no distractions to customers. Its TRP3 – Right Time, Right Place, Right People and Participative

Inviting everyone to be part of this exiting revolutionary journey!! We are looking for Franchisers / Investors / Partners. Interested, please reach us Contact Us


There are multiple advertisement channels, but there is no one advertisement channel, where you can feedback immediately. All the advertisements are one sided, pumping the ads / disturbing the customers and all are non- interactive. Very few customers provide genuine feedback, provided they are really interested. Advertisement will be successful when the potential customer is able to take the content of the advertisement. Advertisement by nature will push the ad irrespective whether the customer is ready or relevant with the ad. To reach potential customers, vendors put multiple ads in multiple channels. The common business or small or medium business cannot compete with large business houses. The advertisement is affordable who have deep pockets. Is there any solution? Yes, the solution is straight and within everyone budget. TRP3 is addressing such scenario, going to revolutionize whole advertainment world.