How it Works


With no doubt in mind one can use TRP3 as their advertising partner but to be completely sure about that, the customer and the vendor, must know what challenges one must know what kinds of difficulties you might want to get away from:


Customer Perspective

  • Missed Ad is a regret for a potential viewer. That can be overcome by us.
  • There might be a great offer running in the market round you but you somehow missed it.
  • Missed an event because you forgot about it?
  • Some great offers in classified section of the newspapers, but you just missed to look into it.
  • Every mail that goes to the junk mailbox needs a check. Do you have the time to sit down and do the clean up?
  • Flooded SMS in your phone
  • Missing Contact from your contact list? Need not worry.
  • If there was a prior information regarding an investment, you might have done it.
  • Everyone needs to know about the yearly offers and the best way to have them is to know about them.
  • Some advertisements are just not required for you. Then why have them with you?
  • Follow ups for the right slot can be a really painful everyday routine if you forget it every crucial time.
  • Trying to reach a particular vendor but they are not reachable? You would want to know when to get in touch with them.

TRP3 Solution

With TRP3 Customer is always a king, right with one click. You can control and resolve all the troubles or hindrances discussed above. TPR3 endeavor will not be disturbing private space and value your money. Download TRP3 mobile app to have a smooth experience:

  • The app will delete the ads when their validity period is expired.
  • Your activities cannot be distracted due to untimely advertisements or any appointments. As the app handles your timeline.
  • Link your events to your calendar through the app. And get timely reminders of it, so that you don’t miss any of it.
  • NO recurring calls or unwanted messages flooding your cell phone.
  • Participative and Interactive app which handles your feedback through surveys and noting your likes and dislikes
  • Win unending surprise gifts, offers happening throughout year, participate in social responsibilities and much more to be given to you when you connect with TRP3 app

Challenges faced by Vendors:

  • The hoardings always bury a hole in your pockets.
  • Client response is always a doubt.
  • You might never know who has seen your hoarding and where. Rather seen it or not?
  • As a reminder, do a cyclic promotion repeatedly.
  • No feedback for your product
  • Promotional and set up cost
  • Trying to increase customer walk-ins when you are having the odd business hours
  • Prime slots obtaining is very much indecisive
  • Alerting the media is a very heavy task for promotional purposes every single time
  • Heavy competitions always hit the pockets
  • A 100% reach out seems to be a big task.
  • Sometimes you miss a very potential client call
  • Launch campaigns can be very restrictive with time expansion
  • Budget for every promotion can be very limited too.

TRP3 Solution for its vendors

To handle a bigger profit in a home-based business, or an ecommerce market, you can get benefited with us. To reap the businesses small or big you need the advancement of businesses. Need to move away from traditional mode of advertisements and non-interactive marketing. TRP3 endeavors to provide solution with maximum reach just a click away. TRP3 brings down cost of advertisement/marketing and focus on core business. Visit to ensure that you will reap what you sow with us!

  • Affordability and Reach / Minimum Budget – Its cost effective and any one can afford. Maximum reach to audience with affordable prices. That would be a dream come true!
  • Being an interactive app. We know the pulse of your customers.
  • Get all your demographics in just one click.
  • Minimal planning, not to worry about availability, on click of a button, publish the ad instantly and reach maximum customer count
  • No more missing of potential clients, all tracked without any interventions. Reaches on your table in one click.
  • Reach target customers in your state or country wide in a flick.
  • Motivate your customers with innovative activities and rewards, but again it is all affordable
  • Multiple Streams of advertisements like, videos, audio, and text as well
  • Book different channels of advertisement on click of a button. It includes content makers, IT solutions, Website developers and much more.